Friday, September 12, 2014

Activities with Ben" Week 1

Activities with Ben" Week 1

Ben has started to join us Wednesday morning for our school time with Hannah and Ethan.  For our first week did some fun things based on the book "Ten Apples Up on Top".  It was a lot of fun and I think Ben had a great time.

The first thing we did was read the book which is a very cute story about three friends who do some very silly things while balancing apples on their heads.  

Balancing their apples up on top.  

Next we compared the apples.  The 3 apples were different colors and shapes and sizes so they had lots to say.  Ben said his was the best because it was green.  Then I cut them open and they had a chance to smell each apple and compare the sizes of the apple seeds.  Surprisingly, they were all very similar in size despite the fact that the yellow delicious was must smaller then the Granny Smith and the Gala apples.  They smelled quite a bit different too.

Tasting the apples.

We all agreed that the Yellow Delicious was not delicious. As you can see my Ethan's expression.  Ben thought his was the best.

Hannah and Ethan both preferred the red Gala.  Nathanael watched and sampled some of the apples himself.  He also preferred the Red Gala!

After our snack we moved on to some apple stamping and all three kids made their own 10 Apples Up On Top picture.  In the picture above they are drawing themselves.

Apple stamping.  

Fruit-loop apple sorting.  
Hannah and Ethan both received a handful of apple colored fruit-loops and compared them to see which color they had the most.  Ben sorted his "apples" onto trees.  This was really easy for him and he tried to trick me to see my reaction.  Silly boy.

Earlier in the morning I posted a picture of Hannah, Ethan, and Ben on my Facebook page and asked what color of apples people preferred.  Once the results were in we tallied up the answers in a graph.  

By the end it was pretty clear that yellow apples are not a big favorite.

Finally, just before our apple time was up they made some apple necklaces while I fed Nathanael.

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