Thursday, September 11, 2014

Say Goodbye to Summer

I have been so busy figuring things out with Kindergarten and things at home I have hardly noticed that summer is falling into Fall.  I thought I would do a quick shout out to August because it was such a full and fun month for us that I don't want to not post about it.  So here goes:

Hanging out at the River with friends.
Finding rocks

Walking and Talking


Queens Park with my sister Teresa, Kevin, Ben, and Charlotte.
Who doesn't like petting goats.

Love my nephew!

Kevin and Andrew watching the babies.

A Visit from Uncle Shawn.  
We were thrilled to spend some time with Andrew's brother when he came out our way.  Especially since we don't get to see him as often as we would like and since it was his chance to meet Nathanael.  Nathanael clearly LOVED his uncle.

Hannah and Ethan love spending time with Shawn.

Hanging Out in Salmon Arm with Grandma and Grandpa
Hannah and Ethan went on a small hike with Andrew and Grandpa.

They told me they went into the deep dark woods.

Hannah helping grandma.  Ethan telling tall tales.

Helping Grandpa with the Yard Work.

Spending the day at the beach/lake.

My fish!!


Jumping off the dock

Thrown off the dock.

Napping and eating with Grandma.

Family Camp
I forgot to take pictures at family camp but we had a blast as we normally do.  I did get a chance to have our "family" picture taken.

My wonderful kids.

Nathanael grew like crazy and now he is so big.  
He is crawling, and standing, and furniture walking.

Teens Camp
The biggest highlight of Teens Camp according to Hannah and Ethan was Kayaking.

Ethan and Canaan 

Andrew and Hannah.

Love these pictures of Hannah and Ethan talking to each other on the beach.

Walking the balance beam.

Hannah helping Ethan.


Yes I was there.  

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