Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Activities with Ben: Week 3

 Activities with Ben: Week 3

Our book for week 3 was the "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" which I hoped Ben would enjoy just as much as Brown Bear the week before.  We started off reading the book together and then we talked about what the caterpillar ate on each of the days of the week.

Picking their favorite foods from the pictures.

Afterwards, we sorted the food under the right day and counted how much he ate (the printables are from here).

We also did some lacing and story re-telling as the caterpillar ate each food. Ben passed Hannah the food and she pushed the caterpillar through each food.

Ethan was in charge of stringing each food to the end of our giant green shoelace.  Good team work!

 Marshmallow Caterpillar Stamping (adapted from here).
They stamped their own caterpillars with marshmallows.

The hard part was keeping Ben and Ethan from eating them.  
Ben called the paint dip.  Ethan has no excuse.

Finished caterpillars.

Crackers for snack.

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