Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letter W wrap up and X preview

I have really enjoyed watching Ethan participate more fully in the activities.  It is especially amusing with his growing vocabulary, he now says the sweetest and funniest things. Hannah and Ethan have there own conversations and I find myself eavesdropping.  More and more I am finding that I can sit back and quietly observe them while they are working.

Here is what I saw during our time with the letter W.

Playing with their letter box items.

Making pinwheels.

Decorating the letter W.

Gluing on some pasta wheels.

Finding the seeds in the watermelon play dough.

Here Hannah is playing the watermelon seed counting game, and Ethan sliding the pasta wheels on pipe cleaners.

Letter X Preview

Letter Box X:  Xylophone, and the letter x, and the x bean bag. 

Xylophone matching game.  
Match the colors, or to make it more difficult and flip the pieces over and match by length only.

Looking at x-rays. (source: My Homemade Montessori)

Dot and pin work.  (I keep including this because Hannah loves it).

Tic Tac Toe game. 

 Letter Maze ( from Carisa  www.1+1+1=1.com)

Tot School

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