Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water Painting

I feel like I haven't been around much, and not for lack of desire for posting either.  Truth is I haven't been spending a whole lot of time inside.  The weather here has been beautiful and no surprise the kids are spending every available minute outside playing.  We haven't spent any time at all sitting at the table doing activities.  But I am not worried (all though I just about ready to get to the end of the alphabet and start something  new) but there will be time enough for that later (the rain will arrive again soon I'm sure).  For  the moment I am enjoying watching the kids play outside.  Here is one of their favorite activities to do outside; painting with water.

First they gave Ethan's bike a new paint job.

This was a lengthy procedure involving a lot of water.

Then the ground needed sprucing up.

Then of course things got a bit crazy when Ethan started painting himself.

No surprise to see Hannah "help" Ethan.

Mommy said enough is enough when they both started painting their eyes.

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