Friday, June 8, 2012

Afternoon Quiet Time

Once lunch is cleaned up, it is time for Ethan to have a nap.  I fondly remember the days when Hannah napped after lunch too, but one day in September, Hannah stopped napping: Cold Turkey.  They was no slow down, just an immediate halt to all things napping.  Since then she has what she calls "rest time", it is neither restful nor quiet, and truthfully there are afternoons when I am more tired after rest time than before it.  On a good day, she plays and reads quietly in her room for the majority of Ethan's nap.  Then she reads and plays quietly in my room.  Those are the good days.  I'm not really going to describe a bad day, its too taxing. :D  I will however "show" one relatively bad day.

On the particular day in question Ethan napped well but woke up early.  Hannah did not manage to stay in her room for even 5 mins before needing something.  Turns out that was the relative "calm in the storm" portion of or afternoon.
Hannah and Ethan had not been playing well together, and they were NOISY, VERY NOISY and I had a headache.  After yelling several times, I separated them into their own rooms and  told them to read quietly on their beds until I came back.  After I calmed down I checked to make sure they were both still breathing and I couldn't find Hannah.  She had sneaked out of her room and climbed into Ethan's crib.  They were finally quiet so I left them alone.

Aren't they cute?  Take note of what there wearing.  Hannah is in the pink pants.  When I finally went back to get them out of their prison they were happy and calm.

At some point they had even traded pants. 


Charlotte said...

This is such a funny blog entry!!!!!

Ha ha ha!!!

Post tops NSW  said...

I love it......awsome

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