Friday, June 22, 2012

Problems, Parties, and Planes

I ran into some problems this week with blogger and not being able to pull up any of my photos.  So if you've wondered about my absence it was impart due to those problems that I think are now fixed.  The photo of Hannah reading was my attempt to check and all thing look good so far.  Thank you Andrew for pointing me in the right direction.

The second reason fort he slow down has been parties.  No no I haven't been out parting late a night but we did just celebrate Ethan's 2nd last weekend (photo's coming) birthday which included a visit from Andrew's mom.  Then there is a baby shower for my sister and her beautiful son this weekend (photo's also coming). 

Third and finally, and probably the most time consuming, is that Andrew and I are in the process of planning and preparing for a trip that we leave on in 2 weeks.  We are gone for two weeks and the grandparents (all 4 of them) have graciously offered their time and love to take care of our 2 noisy children.  We are overwhelmed to have such wonderful arms for Hannah and Ethan to cuddle with while we are away.

All of this funnels into needing 1 thing: time.

So bear with me and I promise to be back in full swing by the end of July but it will be pretty speckled until then.

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