Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sewing with Hannah

Recently, I was working on a project for my sister's new baby which meant I had the sewing machine out while the kids were around playing.  When I have the sewing machine which isn't often because my mom and my sisters also use it, (and I am not complaining because it is not my machine anyway) it means I am often on a deadline.  Normally, I would just wait until the kids are out or asleep but my looming deadline meant it was going to be an interesting morning.  I worked uninterrupted for quite awhile when Hannah decided that she wanted to help me.  At first I was a little leery not wanting to sew her little fingers, but she had this very excited I want to do it with you look that I couldn't resist.  

I gave her a scrap of fabric and some pins (3 so I could keep track) and showed her how to pin.

She is really quite good and didn't prick her fingers at all.

This kept her busy for quite awhile and even Ethan who wandered over to join in too.  It didn't last long before Ethan left us and probably that was because he was given a blunt plastic needle.  When Hannah was finished pinning she proudly showed me her work and asked to sew it like me.

This is a picture of Hannah practicing while the machine is off, but she did sit on my lap and help me sew her scrap into a square. 

Having Hannah sew with me was completely her idea but it also reminded me that she loves the challenge of trying new (and often grown-up) things.  It is also a way of teaching her that that I think she is a capable growing girl.  

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