Thursday, June 7, 2012

Letter X Wrap-up and Letter Y Preview

Hannah, Ethan and I had a really good time working our way through our X activities.  Andrew was even able to join in a little bit.  We didn't really do anything messy so Ethan was happy.  This week I'll be bringing out the paint so stay tuned.

Hannah is playing with the letter box things, while Ethan ripped off the sticker from the lid.

Hannah had fun doing the X maze, I'll have to print out some more of these because she thought these were lots of fun. 

Working away.

Oh, how much I love these two!

This was definitely a favorite.  It took me a bit of playing to fill the glasses so that they sounded right.  Then I added the food coloring.  I'm not sure why the red is more orange than red (especially since its called Christmas red).  They played their homemade xylophone happily.  It is now sitting on my windowsill and looks pretty when the sun is out (which it hasn't been)

Matching colors.

I had so much fun watching Hannah play tic-tac-toe with Andrew.  He explained it and she seemed to pick it up quickly.  Then after a few games she started cheating.  Hahahahah Andrew would win and she would remove one of his pieces and put hers down instead.

Coming up soon! 

Letter Box Y: Yukon pin, yarn, yo-yo, yellow block, letter y, and a y bean bag.

Yellow cube counting.

Yarn Block Painting (Source: Print and Pattern).  I also left some extra peices of the yarn so that Hannah and Ethan can drag it through the paint.  We will see if Ethan sits at the table with us.

Yellow sponge animals.  These little capsule animals are fun for the kids to watch grow. I thought they could choose and put their capsules in their jar and watch them grow.

Yo-Yo Fun: We are going to make a water balloon yo-yo each, and they can also try their hand at a real yo-yo.  (Source: Delightful Learning)

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