Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Split Second

I was sorting through some photos from the last couple of weeks when I came across the above photo.  I'd almost forgotten I had taken it and it makes me smile. This is a picture of Hannah and Ethan pretending to sleep in sleeping bags.  I think it's a cute picture (that's why I took it), but that is not why it makes me smile.  It makes me smile because not 30 seconds after I took this picture both children were screaming and crying and carrying on like banshees.  I'm not sure what instigated the madness.  Probably the corner of Hannah's blanket touched Ethan's blanket or maybe somebody looked crossed eyed at the other.  Never-the-less, I had to drag both of them upstairs to their beds.  They only quieted down because nap time started early that day and they figured out I was serious when I said "enough's enough" and the doors closed on their rooms.  But it was a sweet moment while it lasted.

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