Sunday, November 25, 2012

Letter J - Week 11

Week 11-Letter J

Math:  For a math activity we practiced stacking blocks and identified location using the expressions "on the bottom, in the middle, and on top". I realize this isn't exactly difficult but Ethan has a habit of mashing all his words or using the same expression to mean 3 different things.  This was good practice while still being fun.  Yes, I did choose the colors to match a traffic light.  We talked about that for awhile and then did some patterns to challenge Hannah.

Nature Study: We used a jar to make a rain catcher ( if you want the in and outs of the math behind the rain gauge have a look at this link, we didn't bother this time it was just fun to see the water collecting).  It rained the first afternoon we had it out but the next day it broke so we couldn't keep watch.  

We did however look how much rain in collected after one rain storm.  I'm sure we will do this again and track over a longer period of time.  We are certainly at no loss for rain here.

We collected nearly a cm in an afternoon.

Art: Painting with jars (joined by Grandma).  We painted the bottom of jars and then stamped imprints onto our paper.  You can also twist the jar for a cool effect.

Hannah took this literally and actually painted her jar.  

This was fun, messy, but certainly worth it.

Here is Hannah's jar painting.

Reading and Language Arts:  This week we read "Goodnight Moon".  I don't have anything terrible profound to say other that we liked it.  For our J activity sheet, Hannah and Ethan both decorated some jack-rabbits.

Jack rabbit ears.

Gluing on the whiskers.

I think Hannah and Ethan did a great job.

Faith Foundation:   We did our lesson on how God created our bodies to bend and stretch.  We talked about how we can reach and bend when we work and play. 

Just for Fun: For fun this week, Hannah and Ethan did their jelly bean sorting pages that I made last year.  Hannah did the sort and count by color.  Ethan sorted just by color.  I want it noted that the following pictures were taken by one of my two lovely sisters ;Teresa.  She graciously subbed for me and the kids had lots of fun.

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