Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 10-Letter I

Letter I week has come and gone, here is a little look at what we did!  

Math: We played a game called "In and Out".  Hannah and Ethan had fun tossing monkeys into the hula hoop.  The we counted how many monkeys were inside the hoop, and how many monkeys were outside of the hoop.

Nature Study:  We went on a nature walk to a park/forest nearby that we had never been to before.  We enjoyed this for quite awhile until Hannah abruptly declared it time to go.

Hannah and Ethan spotted mushrooms along our way.

Kind of creepy looking if you ask me.

Hannah thought it would be fun to hang from a tree.

Hannah and Ethan in their rain clothes.

Our feet.

Look who got tired and "needed" to be carried.

Art:  I took a popsicle mold and filled each popsicle with a different colored water.  I just used food coloring and water.  They turned out quite vibrant and not nearly as drippy as I expected.
The popsicles are ring molds so they worked super well with this activity

Hannah worked very carefully on her masterpiece.

I made one too and it really was fun.

Reading and Language Arts: We moved onto the letter I.    
They like finding the letter we are working on.

The kids decorated their pictures of Inchworms and ice.

They added little paper scarves so that the inchworms could stay warm.

One of the language games we played from All About Reading Level Pre-1 including taking mystery objects out of the bag and coming up with rhyming words. 

Faith Foundation: This week we finished up our lesson on our feet.  It seems silly when I read it written like that, but its on our feet created by God and the uniqueness of our bodies.  The kids our getting a lot out of these lessons and I love listening to them talk about what they are learning.  I probably should trust myself better.  I intentionally chose these lessons because of they way its takes something that the kids can grasp completely (ie feet) and brings it back to God, but not in a way that seems stretched or inorganic.
Here is Ethan looking at his foot poster.

Hannah is coloring her feet ever so carefully.

I thought it would be fun to set up a series of different things to walk on.  
First, a garden kneeling mat(bumpy), playdough (smooth and squishy), grocery bags(crinkly??), and scarves(soft).

The last three included a bag of colored rice (hard and pokey), ice pack (cold) and fake leaves (I don't know what word describes the leaves papery).

The playdough was the absolute best.

They both went back forth through he line at least a dozen times.

Here is Hannah retelling our story about feet.

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