Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent 2012

Andrew and I like to read through Walter Wangerin Jr's book "Preparing for Jesus" throughout the season of Advent (this year its starts on Sunday December 2, 2012).  In it he writes; "So let us enter the story one more time.  In this present season of Advent let us experience the infant's Advent in the past and so make ourselves ready for the Advent of the Lord of Glory in the future." This is definitely my heart for leading Hannah and Ethan though Advent and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Last year, I wrote a little bit about our advent candles and the meaning behind the colors, as well as a post on our Jesse tree. You can find those here and here if you are interested.  It fills me with so much joy to prepare and I would like to share a little of the preparations that I am doing for this years advent.

Our advent candles.  I was definitely inspired by this post.  I can see in the picture now that I need to adjust the colors.  It should go purple, purple, white, pink, purple. hehehe

Out basket of nativity books.  This was my very good friend Liesel's idea.  Thank you.

Our Jesse tree for this year.  Last year we did a traditional Jesse tree series.  We all enjoyed it very much, see the post I linked above for all the details.  But we found it a little to difficult for the kids to really follow.  So I thought I would do a tree with ornaments that we will stick on a new ornament each day that corresponds to the "Story of Christmas".  Each day there is a little book (you can see it in the picture below), each book is about some aspect of the Christmas story; the star, the manger, baby Jesus etc.  It's more at the level my kids are at.  I made a little matching wooden ornament that velcro onto my Popsicle stick tree.  I just need to get some 3M sticky things to hold the entire thing onto the wall.  In the picture the tree has all the ornaments on it but I will remove them all when we start and the kids will get a new one each day.  

The Story of Christmas

Finally, I made a little baby Jesus  for Hannah and Ethan to have on Sunday when we start.  I think they turned out cute especially the yarn hay.

There are a few details I still need o do.  I need to pull out the felt advent candles.  As well as our nativity set that I made out of blocks for the kids to play with together.

Our felt Advent candles.

Getting Excited!!!

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