Friday, November 2, 2012

Bouncing Off the Walls

This is one of Hannah and Ethan FAVORITE things to do right now.  Actually, its been a hit going on 3 weeks. Right when the rainy weather started.  They will jump until they can jump no longer, we are grateful for burning off extra energy.  Who would have thought an extra crib mattress would be so fruitful.

They have done a pretty good job of taking turns and being safe.  You can see Ethan sitting off on a big pillow waiting.  If you look closely so can see that he is also babysitting for Hannah.

 Ethan is a bit crazier when he jumps.  Mostly because his coordination is of a 2 year old not a 3 year old.  

For extra fun, they like to throw some variation into their jumping fun.  Starting on a stool makes things way more interesting.

 Ethan is standing on a towel, its our mock holding pad.  We have had our share of near collisions so we like to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Into a major pile of blankets makes a great landing.

But eventually everyone tires.

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