Sunday, December 2, 2012

Car Talk

On the way home from Church today, I quietly listened to a conversation between Ethan and Hannah.  I was dying to laugh but I was afraid they would stop talking and the conversation would end sooner then it might otherwise.  The funny thing about the conversation was that the content was largely based on a conversation Hannah had obviously overheard between my mom, myself, and my sister Amanda, as well as her memories from a year ago.  Here is the conversation as close as I can remember it:

Ethan: I want to go.
Hannah: Go where Ethan?
Ethan:  On the train.
Hannah:We can't go yet.
Ethan: Why
Hannah: It's not Christmas yet.  We can't go to the Christmas train (Stanley Park Christmas Train) until Christmas.  We have to wait until Uncle Chris is there too.  Auntie Amanda knows when we can go and she will tell Gamma Gamma.  Uncle Chris and Santa want to see us there.  Then Gamma will get the nitro and we can go.  We will watch the Christmas movie in the Nitro.  Papa is coming too.  We will have special treats and then go to Christmas train.  The Christmas train is where Santa lives and he keeps all his stuff there and we can see it.  (At this point Ethan whines a little because he's tired).  Don't worry Ethan it will be fun and God and Jesus will protect us.  Then when we are all done we will come home and eat our candy cane.
Ethan:  I want to go now.
Hannah:  We have to wait for Uncle Chris.
Ethan: Okay.

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