Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 14-Christmas Style

Week 14-Christmas Style

We took a break this past week from our regular learning stuff in order to have time to do some Christmasy activities. 

At the table:  Hannah and Ethan did lots of activities at the table.  
Coloring stars and counting nativity figures.

Sorting by size

Baby Jesus dot art.

Sorting Christmas tree's and matching Christmas erasers.
 All the printables are from 1+1+1=1.

 At the tree:  There was plenty of time to sit and look at the tree and play with the ornaments.

In the kitchen:  We made donut hole snowmen, this was entirely Andrew's idea.  The kids LOVED it and it was pretty delicious.

In the reading corner:  Hannah and Ethan (all of us) read lots of Christmas stories about the birth of Jesus.

On the couch:  We have been working our way through our advent books.  

Hannah and Ethan love hanging up the corresponding ornaments on the Christmas tree.

All together:  There has also been lots of time to snuggle and cuddle together.

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Charlotte said...

This is such a beautiful post!!!! It warms my heart!

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