Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter L - Week 13

Week 13 - Letter L

Math: Last week we worked on the letter L and for our math activity we played with Lego.  We did some Lego patterns as well as Lego counting.  This was a lot of fun and I left it out so they could keep playing with it.

Of course they also made some lego towers.

Nature Study:  Our nature study was unplanned this week.  I had intended to fly kites during K week but it wasn't windy at all.  We finally had some wind the first day we started the letter L.  Go figure.  We flew the kite a few feet up.  The kids had a blast running up and down the street.    This led to a natural discussion about wind and it's power.

Our other spontaneous nature study was with this moth that decided to stick to our door for several days (night and day) in fact I was pretty sure it was dead.  Then it wasn't there one afternoon.  At night a dozen or so of his friends would join him.  But during they day he was the only moth who stayed. Hannah and Ethan checked on his often and spied on him through the window.  I don't know how many times Ethan called it a butterfly before he heard me calling it a moth. hehehehe

Art:  The kids made ladybugs with my mom and they turned out great.

 I love them.

Reading and Language Arts:  The week our L activity page was to decorate a llama   I'm not sure what we were suppose to do but the kids wanted to dot them.

We read our little Llama story as well as Corduroy.

Faith Foundation:  This week was spent explaining advent and the Christmas story.  But primarily advent and the purpose of waiting and preparing.  They colored the first candle for advent on their wreath and for fun they decorated a Christmas tree.  Sometimes it surprised me how much they pick up because on Sunday when it was time to light our second candle, I walked into the kitchen to find them coloring their second candle without me prompting them.

Just for Fun:  I brought out our homemade light table.  They both enjoyed it thoroughly.  We used some fake gems, colored candy wrappers, as well as white board crayons.

The happily created scenes and pictures.

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