Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter K - Week 12

Week 12-Letter K

Math: We did two different math games this week.  We did kite tail counting.  Ethan did the low numbers and Hannah did the higher numbers.  This was another activity my sister did with the kids.

The second game used a key and a bowl each.  I would tell Hannah and Ethan where to put the key and they had to follow based on my verbal instructions only.  This was building on the preposition work we had done the week before.  Then we switched it around and Hannah called out the instructions and I had to put the key in the correct spot.

Nature Study:  Our nature study this week was handed to us on a silver platter, or rather a cake pan.  We enjoyed a hailstorm.  We don't get a lot of thunder and lightning so we took full advantage when the hailstorm started.

Watching it pour and waiting for lightning.

Looking at hail through magnifying glasses.

They had fun picking it up and squishing it with their fingers.  We even got a ruler out to measure.

Not surprisingly they even wanted to eat it. Gross.

Art:  For an art activity this week Hannah and Ethan mixed kosher salt into some paint.  If makes a grainy texture paint.  The salt doesn't dissolve into the paint and creates a rough effect.  

Mixing up the paint was just as fun as painting with it.  

Ethan is a purist and only used red.

Hannah's masterpiece used all the colors.  I love how deliberate Hannah is when she paints.  She is very particular and puts careful attention into how it turns out.

Reading and Language Arts: We did the capital K portion from AAR Level Pre-1.  The highlight was definitely making kangaroos and pretending to be kangaroos.

Our book for this week was "If Jesus Came to My House" by Joan G Thomas.  This is a sweet book but my kids didn't really seem to get it even though they enjoyed the story.  It's the story about a boy who imagines having Jesus, as a little boy, come to his house for a visit. Sounds strange but that's just because I can't describe it well.

Faith Foundation: We finished up our lesson on our bodies and how God created them to move.  We played with bubbles.  Hannah and Ethan had to jump, bend, and stretch to pop the balloons.  In the picture below you can see the activity sheet that corresponded to the game.  Hannah was explaining what she liked.

Just for Fun: For fun I set out keys and play dough for Hannah and Ethan to make impressions.

This held their attention for far longer than I imagined it would.  

Ethan also enjoyed hiding the key inside a lump of play dough and digging it out again.

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