Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week 30 Letter Z

We are winding down our year and as a celebratory finish Andrew and I took the kids to the Zoo for Letter Z Week (weeks actually because it took us nearly 2 weeks to get anything done).  
Have a look:

Mommy and Ethan on the train.

A Camel

Ethan on the Zoo playground.

Hannah climbing like a monkey.

The kangaroo.

My favorite is the giraffe.

A Hawk.  I wish you could see how close this hawk was sitting to Ethan.

Here is Ethan looking at the hawk just to his right.

 Other stuff:

Hannah and Ethan playing with the rice bins. 
Hannah especially enjoyed using a mirror.

Matching bugs to the right color.

Doing number puzzles.

The Z-Zebra letter page.

Hannah counting out bugs into jars (thanks Amanda).  

Ethan sorted by color into his jars.

A favorite at our house is the water table.  I added foam letters this time.

Ethan finally figured out how to use the dropper.

E soup.

We have a few of a faith formation lessons left.  In this weeks lesson we focused on being thankful and appreciative of the friends in our lives.
Hannah and Ethan decorated and delivered cards to a friend each. 
They LOVED this activity.

Telling stories about friends.

Ethan needs to fins all his pictures before he can tell his story.

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