Thursday, May 2, 2013


After church on Sunday, Andrew and I took the kids on their very first ever real camping trip.  They were beyond excited.  We went to a place relatively close by and planned to stay for 2 nights (provided that the first night wasn't awful).  
It was drizzly when we arrived and quickly got things set-up.  Ethan was still asleep from the drive and Hannah happily explored around us. The kids went to bed surprisingly well considering how hyped up they were.  Unfortunately, it was very cold too cold actually overnight. Andrew and I looked up the weather before we left and it was not suppose to drop below 7 but it did. We think it might have hit zero and it was extremely windy overnight and there was definitely a will chill to deal with too.  At one point in the early hours of the night Hannah got too cold and I put her in my sleeping bag with me.  I was more than happy to share since I was freezing.  Andrew and Ethan are heaters so I wasn't surprised that they were not cold.

Hannah and Ethan freezing in the morning.

Tending the fire.

Ethan fell down and chaos ensued.  
Cuddling with mommy seemed to be the only thing to make him happy.

A blue Jay

After breakfast we headed out to the lake and enjoyed walking around part of it.

Still a bit grumpy from being cold.  

Looking over the walking path into the marshy water.

Skunk Cabbage.


The path around the lake meanders into the forest and connects with a stream with rocks perfect for throwing.

Hannah trying to catch up with Daddy.

Ethan took off running.

Ahhh sunlight through the trees.

So while we didn't stay for the second night, we had a lot of fun and both kids are already talking about going again (only when it's warmer).


Allison said...

Looks like a really beautiful camp spot! And no snow on the ground! But that is a bit chilly for tent camping.

Liesel Rios said...

Had no idea you were whipping out our wildnerness card! Way to go! And way to stay through the night...the Rios version would have read: so, at 2am we all went for hot chocolate at Denny's and then went home and slept in the next morning.

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