Friday, May 3, 2013

Water fun!

My kids love playing with water most kids do.  I originally had this under-the-bed box from Ikea outside filled with water.  But it always got gross.  Dirty, slimy, and just plain icky.  I finally decided to set it up in the house and see what the kids would do with it.  

I added spoons, cups, a funnel and they happily played.  Scooping and pouring and making soup.

After awhile I added some of the marble run tubes.

The first problem we ran into was the cooler I placed the bin on.  It slid around too easily, and Ethan pushes on the side and I could just see him tipping the whole thing onto Hannah.

Ethan is scooping up ping pong balls.

As as a solution to my problem, I swapped the cooler for a small black table.  This worked much better.  
Ethan thought drinking the water was the best part.  Eww

Just for fun I added pink carnation flowers to the water.  Hannah especially thought this was great and made lots of flower soup.

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