Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Art By Hannah 2

 Hannah loves making things.  She spends much of her rest time creating things with paper, scissors, glue and crayons.  She is nothing if not prolific.  Her latest inspiration was a pack of sparkly heart stickers from the dollar store.  One of the things I have noticed when she makes things is that she almost always has a person in mind.  So I wasn't surprised when she used the heart stickers to makes things for us.  What I didn't count on was how she would go about "giving" them to each person.  She started by making pictures out of the stickers and the used more stickers to hang them for us to enjoy.

These are the pictures that she has made for Ethan.  They are on the wall at the back of his closet.  One of Ethan's favorite places is in his closet.

These are the pictures she has put up in her room.

This little cutie is only about an 2 cm by 3 cm and greets you as you enter the master bedroom.

This is the one Hannah made for me and she put it in my bedroom across from my side on the bed so I can see it as soon as I wake up.

Finally, this is the picture Hannah made for Andrew and sits right above his bedside table.

Her creativity and generosity make me smile.

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