Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 29 Letter Y

Last week was pretty haphazard since we spent most of it outside enjoying the weather.  I can`t complain really the weather has been perfect. Letter Z week is even leaner (which we are currently in the middle of doing).  Here is what we did do:

Pattern block patterns

Hannah clipped tiny clothes pin on to our number cards.  This was very HARD.

The played number bingo with the numbers 5-10.  I know a lot of math but they were asking for number games.

Hannah painted on black paper to see if she could see the paint.

Hannah and Ethan both chose to paint their letter Y page.

Sounding out words found in the plastic eggs.  Putting something in the plastic eggs makes it super exciting.  I`m considering serving dinner (food they don`t like) in the eggs. hehehehe

We talked about the blessing about being part of a family.  They enjoyed looking at pictures of family members.

They are trying to decide what they enjoy doing as a family.


They camped all afternoon.  Can`t beat that.

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