Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cleaning Up

So my two very sweet children decided to do some cleaning for me this morning much to my surprise.  I called Hannah and Ethan to come and get changed out of their jammies only to be told By Ethan that they couldn't get changed yet because they needed to finish cleaning up first.  First of all, this is not a statement that typically comes out of Ethan's mouth.  He usually curls up into a ball and pretends he is invisible at the first hint that it might be time to clean up.  Second, he was in my room, my very clean room.  So I instantly realized something must be up.

Well it turns out that Hannah and Ethan somehow got it in to their heads that the books needed reorganizing in my bedroom.  Not only did they totally empty the bottom two shelves of my book shelf.  But all of Andrew's books that we on a different shelf around the corner.

Look at their guilty faces.  I love how Hannah seems to be sheltering Ethan from my withering stares.  Look at all those books, especially the pile precariously stacked above their heads.

After getting dressed they help me put all the books back and even dusted for me.  Don't tell them but I think it looks much better now.

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