Wednesday, August 28, 2013

High Ropes and Jungle Gyms

While on our holidays we all went to the Enchanted Forest for the day.  It's broken into 2 parts a high ropes course/ kids jungle gym area and the actual Enchanted Forest.  Here are some of the pictures from the first part.  Hannah and Ethan LOVED the suspended Jungle Gym.  The first time through they were pretty cautious but they eventually got the hang of it.  Andrew's parents went through with them as well as Shawn's girlfriend Kristin.  Hannah loved going through with Kristin.  By the end Hannah and Ethan were going through all by themselves.
Look how high up it was in the trees.

This part was pretty tricky because the wooden steps shook from side to side and they couldn't reach the sides of the netting.

Over the camel hump with Grandma!

Climbing across beams and through hoops.

Grandpa following behind.
Almost at the end.

Ethan flying doing the zip-line.

Hannah zipping all the way across.

One happy girl.

While the kids were on the jungle gym Andrew and his brother went on the high ropes course.  


Ethan watching Andrew and Shawn (I love the helmet).

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