Thursday, August 1, 2013

Disbelief Dispelled

I came across this photo earlier today. This is a picture of Hannah's birth mark on her leg below her knee.  I've always thought it either looked like an upside down heart or Hershey's Kiss.  At one of her regular check-up our doctor suggested that we have it looked at just to make sure everything was normal with it.  The picture does a great job of showing how raised and bumpy it appeared on her leg.

Here is another picture and you can see how pronounced it looked on her leg.  When we saw the doctor about it, he assured us that it was a normal birth mark and that it would disappear before Hannah's 5th birthday.  Let me tell you that I really didn't believe him.  I wasn't bothered by the birth mark but I really didn't believe that something so raised and red would ever disappear.

Well here is a picture from today.  You can still see the faded outline of the birth mark but it is completely flat.  She isn't 5 until April so we will have to wait and see how much it disappears over the next 9 months.

Here is my sweet girl. 
Other than the bruises that speckle her legs you cannot see the birth mark at all.

Ahh I feel so much better having confessed my disbelief.  :D

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