Monday, August 12, 2013

Where We Do School!

Where We Do School!

This week over at the iHomeschoolNetwork are asking for bloggers to link-up their posts showing their school rooms. They want us to show them where we school.  I thought I would give you all a quick little tour of where we do school.  Have a look:

Here is where we do lots of our activities.  Or at least the activities that require a table or art supplies (or both).  It's also where I keep the majority of our school things.  You'll notice that the table is pushed right up to the bench and this is intentional. My two children don't stop moving and have a habit of slipping off the bench and smacking their chins on the way down.  This works incredibly well to prevent that and to keep the kids up at the table.

Behind the table is our Ikea shelves that I use to keep us organized.This things that Hannah and Ethan are allowed to touch reside on the bottom half.  We keep all the books, toys, puzzles, and craft supplies we use all the time here.

This area is among the kids favorite.  This is their reading area, and they love to sit and look at books in the block chair.  Behind the chair is my white board as well as my rainbow storage tower.
Hannah using the white board.

We often find ourselves on the couch a lot.  We do most of our reading here.

In the middle of the kitchen is great for water activities and games.

The living room table is also a fun place to play games.

Outside is out classroom too.

So really, we do school everywhere!

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Justin E. Chan said...

I admire and love your creativity. I want you to be my teacher!

Kristina said...

Thanks Justin!

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