Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fashion according to Hannah

Hannah has been picking her clothes and dressing all by herself for quite sometime.  I usually get a kick out of watching her in the morning as she chooses her clothes.  Typically, this is a combination of pink and purple.  On mornings when all her pink and purple clothes are dirty she usually gets quite upset.  She walks around lamenting at her dire circumstances.

Well this week, when the pickings were slim in her own dresser I guess she decided to try out Ethan's clothes.  For the rest of the week I kept finding her in his clothes randomly.  I love the above picture of the two of them in bright green shirts.  They look like they could be twins to me there.  Ethan is certainly catching her on height.

Here is another one I took yesterday of them reading together.  Hehehe Too cute.

There is one thing that bothers me and it has nothing to do with Hannah wearing Ethan's clothes.  It's the size of their clothes.  Ethan wears size 2 pants (and most are still too long) and size 2 or 3 shirts.  The pants he is wearing in the picture are 18 months and while they are too small, they fit better than size 2 pants.  hehehehe Short boy.  Hannah wears size 4 girls pants and size 4 but mostly size 5 shirts.  That said she fits perfectly into Ethan size 2 and 3 clothing.  Short girl hehehehe.  Why do girls and boys clothing need to be cut so differently.  I wish the sizing for kids clothing were more standardized.  I don't really care what size is on their tags.  But it would be so much easier when shopping if I didn't need to remember if they fit big in this store but smaller in that store.  Okay Rant over.


Anonymous said...

I agree that sizes should be standardized and have discovered the same thing with my children's clothing. But, more importantly I worry about the message that sends to young girls.
Ruth Krahn Friesen

Kristina said...

Ruth- I absolutely agree.

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