Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today is one THOSE days!

You know the days.  You have company coming for dinner, a nephew coming for the morning, a bad headache, and 2 other kids you think might be capable of staying out of trouble.  This is the day after the day you spent the day with GG (great grandma), doing some errands, and then going out for dinner at your sisters house.  Not to mention the 2 kids who colored on the wall with crayons that don't seem to be washing off.  So your tired, your pregnant, and you still have that headache.

Hoping for a quiet day you go about the things you typically do when you have a burst of nesting energy and decided that today is the day to go through the baby clothes that the 2 kids have grown out of on order to get a move on getting ready for the baby coming.  It was going well, really well. (The calm before the storm).  Ben and I were in my room happily sorting through clothes and reminiscing at the very cute sleepers I was folding.  The 2 kids were quite, very quite so I checked on them.  To my surprise they were playing quite nicely in Ethan's room with the cars on the car mat.  I went back to my task content that the 2 kids were behaving and giving me the freedom to work quickly.

After much folding and sorting I realized how quiet the 2 kids were in Ethan rooms.  My kids are pretty good but what they are not is quiet.  I figure I should poke my head in the room and see what they were up too.  UTTER CHAOS had taken over Ethan's room.  I think everything that was his was on the floor, his bed, under his bed.  On top of that the bins of things I store on the top part of his closet were strew EVERYWHERE.  Stuff that they know better than to touch.  And he was still up there passing things down to Hannah.  I cannot tell you how much my heart dropped at the site of such a mess. Hannah immediately knew I was upset, very upset.  Ethan on the other hand seemed oblivious.

All that said I am super thankful for Andrew who talked me off the roof.  I still haven't dealt with the mess but I needed to finish what I was doing in my room first.  I often post about the fun and exciting things we do around here at our house.  I post about what the kids are learning and the things that my kids do that I think is cute.  Today is the other side, the messy side, the not so cute side.  I'll end there because I have a mountain of things to do and a closet that is calling my name to hide in.  In fact, I might just go straight to the closet to hide for awhile.

One of the cute moments.

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Liesel Rios said...

Uh, Kristina?
It's okay to come out now...I think your kids are asleep.

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