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Preschool Week 2

Preschool Week 2

Bible: This week we read the second chapter in the Jesus Storybook Bible.  It's called "The Beginning: A Perfect Home" and it is a retelling of the creation story.  Our memory verse continues from last week, which was Genesis 1:1. (Jesus Storybook Bible )

To go along with our story, Hannah and Ethan finger painted with blue and green paint.

Ben joined in the finger painting and I think he enjoyed it.

He even thought it might be fun to taste it.

from left to right: Ethan, Hannah, and Ben's finished earth.
After the finger paintings dried we cut them into circles for the earth.  We also added some hands to represent God creating the earth.  Hannah decided at one point that her earth did not have enough water so she added some with her dot markers.

Reading: We spent a lot of time reading from the HarperCollins Treasury of Picture Book Classics.  I think their favorite so far is Caps for Sale.  Ethan likes to go around chanting "Caps for sale. 50 cents a cap" or whatever else he wants to sell.

Hannah and Ethan listening to "Go Dog Go" (Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  This week we worked on the letter B.

Making the letter B with the wooden pieces. (HWT)
Adding stars to their B is for Bat picture. (AAR pre-1)
Gluing B words to their worksheet. (AAR pre-1)


This week Hannah and Ethan sorted bears by size.  Typically this is a very easy activity except that the medium and large bears are difficult to distinguish between.
(Compare Bears Maths)
We played a game where Hannah would ask Ethan to find a particular sized bear by reaching into the bag and feeling for it (and without looking, pretty obvious but then Ethan was playing and needed to be reminded).  They took turns doing this but I think they enjoyed telling each other what to do the most.  I love Ethan's look of concentration in this picture.

Their final bear activity was to arrange the bears into their families (small, medium, and large) by color (yellow, green, blue, and red).  I loved seeing how they each approached this activity.  Hannah did all of one color and then moved onto the next color in order.  Ethan seemed to randomly choose a bear he liked and then placed it when it needed to go in absolutely no order.

We worked on the numerals 4 thru 6.
Hannah and Ethan counted cake pop sticks into labeled cups.
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)
Hannah and I took it a step further.  I put a random number of sticks in each cup and she needed to "fix" my mistakes so that the right number of sticks matched the cups.

Science: We finally got started on our first science activity.  We are following the shadow unit from the PEEP and the Big WideWorld Explorer's Guide.  I was thwarted with cloudy weather every time I wanted to do one of the activities. hahahaha

Hannah and Ethan exploring the back yard for shadows.  The found leave shadows on the fence.

Hannah made her arm.

Ethan held of a kiddie chair up to the fence.

We moved to the front yard where we could see our shadows much more clearly.

Making their shadows as small as possible.

Making them as tall as possible.

Hannah noticed that you can change a shadow by turning the object.  Hannah took one of our spinning flowers and turned it slowly to watch what would happen.

Just for Fun:

They played with their circus magnet set.

Ethan did all the capital letters and Hannah did all the lowercase letters.

This was a fun fine motor skill activity that I put out with Ethan in mind.  They tweezed paper clips into the ice cube tray.

Ethan trying to get the hang of the tweezers.

Giving himself a little help with the other hand.

I finally dumped them on the floor because it was easier for him to do it without the basket getting in the way.

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