Friday, March 14, 2014

Nathanael: 2 months Old

Nathanael is 2 months old today and in some ways feels like he has always been with us.  He is growing quite well and I look forward to our doctors appointment this week to find out how much he grown.  I think my favorite thing about the past month are his smiles.  He is such a smiley boy in the morning and right before bed.  He coos and talks (I LOVE IT).  The last couple of days he has found his hand and is really intent on sucking and chewing his fist. His least favorite thing is the car (mine too).  He cries like a dying cat.  It is truly heartbreaking to hear.

This past month Nathanael has been so much happier since we've figured out how to help his tummy.  He was (and often still) so fussy from have stomach issues.  So far what's working is half sensitive/half low iron formula with a daily probiotic.  It's all trial and error so it took time to figure but thankfully he is happy guy after eating now.  He typically eats 2.5 to 4 oz at a time which is way less then Ethan at the same age.

My sweet boy loves to be held and cuddled.  It's makes it difficult to do things but he also enjoys hanging out in mommy's baby wrap too.

He loves his bath.  He especially likes it deep and quite warm.  He prefers the sink to the baby bath tub because the water is deeper.  He even likes to lay diagonal in the bath and float until my wrist gives out from holding up his heavy head.  Nothing like a good hot tub soak.  This is as calm as he gets. I love it.  But he hate getting out and getting dressed again. Silly Baby.

Hannah and Ethan are doing so great with Nathanael.  They are gentle, loving and super helpful.  Hannah loves to hold him even if he is crying like a banshee.  Ethan will go to great lengths to help settle Nathanael down.   

I was hoping he would like the swing but he really doesn't.  In fact he doesn't like to be put down at all except to go to bed at night.  However, he is sleeping really well at night.  He eats at 10pm, 3am, and around 7am.  Not going to complain about that at all.

He loves his play mat and will actually hang out for a bit.  Hannah and Ethan love when I put him on the floor and will sit and entertain him.  

and kiss him....

He makes the most awesome kissable faces on the planet.

We still haven't figured out if he will have blue eyes or brown eyes?  Any guesses?

Looking forward to what the next month holds!

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