Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Preschool Week 22 & Week 23

This post will cover 2 weeks worth of school but because when I got sick we took time off so it's more like 1 extended week because we only did one weeks worth of material.

Preschool Week 22 & Week 23 (March 3 to Marh 14th)

Bible: We are working through our lent material that you can read about here.  Although we have missed a few days and need to catch up.

Reading: Books, Books, Books.

(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  Practicing the letter S.

Watercolor resist cvc words.
I wrote some CVC words with white crayon on to the paper.  Hannah and Ethan discovered the words by painting their sheets of paper with watercolor paints.

You can see some of the words poking thought (mug, can, wig, hat, and jam).

The words that they painted corresponded to the words on their making words page.  They used bead letters to spell out the words. (These sheets are from Make Take & Teach.)

Hannah helping Ethan to figure out how to spell the words (there are no letters on this one).  Hannah is very good at sounding out the word and breaking it into it's parts.  Ethan is very good at taking the sound and coming up with the appropriate letter.  They worked very well doing this together.


Working on a number puzzle together.

Playing "Race to Fill the Cup" found on Frugal Fun for Boys.

Roll the dice and fill your cup with the matching number of cubes.  First cup filled wins.  They really enjoyed this game and I think Ethan won every time they played. Love their matching shirts.

We worked on Lesson 27 in our Bear Math Book.  
Hannah and Ethan learned how to decompose the number 6 (breaking six into its parts).

My crazy kids think this is fun.

Hannah writing out the different ways.

 (Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art:  Tulip Art from here.

They used forks to make tulip flowers.  This was super easy to do and took no time at all.



Science: Seeds and Plants.

Early in the week Hannah and Ethan sorted bird seed.  

They enjoyed seeing different kids of seeds and comparing their colors, shapes, and sizes.

 They also planted Forget-Me-Nots.  Which have not bloomed (and probably won't) because they keep touching them.

Adding their seeds.

Afterwards there was a lot of playing with birdseed. If you have spent any amount of time with me you probably realize that I hate this kind of play.  But they love it.

Later the following week we did an experiment (at Hannah's request).  

We watched what happens to a blooming Jasmine tea ball when you add boiling water.

Meanwhile they made a booklet about the parts of a plant.

You can see the ball "blooming".  They also colored a flower picture.

We added a straw to our flower to demonstrate to purpose of the stem and roots.  Had these flowers been real they would have sure died from so much water.

By the time they were finished our ball had finished blooming.  Creepy if you ask me.  Hannah thought the flower water tasted really good.

Just For Fun:

Independent work boxes.

Playing with water!

Playing outside with Ben.

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