Friday, March 28, 2014

Preschool Week 24

Preschool Week 24

Bible: Our lent stuff has been the plan but we are woefully behind.  
I'm blaming it on the baby.

Reading:  Books, Books, Books!

Language Arts and Handwriting:  The Letter T

Wooden T are super easy according to both Hannah and Ethan!


Math:  Sort Straws by size.

For Hannah I cut lengths of straw into centimeter increments.

From 1 cm to 10 centimeters and then she sorted from smallest to largest.

Afterwards she measured each straw and placed it under the correct number according to its measurement.

Ethan's straws were cut into 1 in to 10 inch increments because they are easier from him to manipulate.  He also used a cookie sheet to keep them contained.

Ethan measuring his straw pieces.
I had to help him place it on the ruler at the right spot.

Making a giant number line from 1 to 20.

Afterwards we played find the missing number (I removed a number and they needed to figure out which number I took).  This proved quite difficult because they counted too fast to check properly. 

(Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art:  Puddle Jumping Art found here.
First they finger painted with blue paint.

When they were finished they added their little men with yellow rain boots and an orange umbrella.



We went for a very beautiful spring nature walk.  Hannah and Ethan pointed out things that showed spring has come.

Hannah pointed to the sky and said the weather is warmer.


Tree blossoms

A robin

Blooming Heather

Flowers on a bush.

Magnolia Tree Blossoms

Just For Fun: Spring Play dough

Adding flowers to green play dough

Ethan had quite the garden growing.

Play dough bugs (using googly eyes and the leftover straw bits).

He said the spider was crawling up his arm.  Creepy boy.


Liesel Rios said...

Are those THE straws??

Kristina said...

Yes, they've been pooping up all over the place!

Liesel Rios said...

Really? I didn't mean for them to make a stink. (hee hee...sorry. Too funny for me to not say anything!)

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