Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lenten Season in our Home

I love this time of year and not just because spring is nearly here.  I find so much joy in preparing for Lenten season.  I thought I would share a little of what we are doing this year in our home.  It's changed and grown over the last couple of years as the kids have gotten bigger.  I love their input and try to incorporate their ideas as much as I can.  We take some time each day (40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter not including Sunday's) to look at the life of Jesus and ultimately his work on the cross.

All our resources.  
Hannah and Ethan were super excited when I brought everything out.

We have a salt dough Lenten spiral that Hannah and I made last year and surprisingly did not break as well as a basket of books.
We used a marble to made 40 indentations.  Each day one of the kids will move the marble one spot forward.

With our salt dough we also made a tomb and a rock.  This is our tomb from last year but we need to make another one for this year.  We added black paint to the down to give it a rock-like color.   Ethan has asked many times since Christmas if we can make more salt dough crosses for Easter so that will be happening soon too.

New to us this year is the book "A Family Journey with Jesus through Lent".  Each day there is a story from the life of Jesus written from the point of view of children.  The stories are very cute and we are enjoying it.

To go along with the above book we are using the "Jesus Tree- Walk with Jesus Through Lent" from Jesse Tree Treasures.  Each disc has a symbol from a story or an event from the life of Jesus finishing off with the Resurrection.  I am coordinating the disc and book.  It doesn't work perfectly but nearly.  So each day we read a story and add an ornament to the board.  I am very excited about this because I know how much Hannah and Ethan both enjoyed a similar activity during Advent.

We have an Easter play set which is the same idea as a Nativity set.  

I think it is great to having some to play with and interact with at their level.

Later on closer to Easter we will make an Easter garden. 
I think that Hannah and Ethan look forward to the most.  
The Easter garden represents the new life we have in Christ.

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