Sunday, February 19, 2012

Q wrap & Letter R box

This will be a 2 for 1 post; not only (as you have probably surmised from the title) is it a look back at the past week it is also a look forward to the upcoming week.  We had a pretty quiet week of activities.  Hannah and I did have fun but Ethan was pretty uninterested all week.  Here are some of the pictures from our week:

Pin poking the letter Q, this was a hit.
Hannah enjoyed the poking in general and did not even once poke her finger.  She especially enjoyed flipping the paper over and feeling the bumps.

We practiced counting with the Q-tips.  Hannah is very interested in counting and numbers right now so I am following her lead.

We made Q-tip pictures.  On the left she made some string and the right is a box.

Hannah made her Q quilt.  Ethan ate the foam pieces.
Hannah dotted happily.  Ethan ate his dot marker.

This was the only activity to hold Ethan's attention.  Hannah preferred the cookie cutter Q and Ethan liked pushing the foam letter into the dough.  Ethan was exiled eventually because he wanted to eat both the foam Q and the dough.  Either I don't feed him enough or he ready to pop out his last tooth.

This week we will be working on our Letter R activities.  I am looking forward to a very colorful week of activities.  
Letter R Box: Rose, rock, ring, Letter R and  the R bean bag.

Rainbow dot art.  This is an activity I saw on The Princess and the Tot.  She has a lovely printable version but my printer is on the fritz so I did it by hand.  The are little x's that are hard to see under each dot to stamp.

This activity is inspired by those very cool wooden rainbows stacking toys.  I made a paper version , it's a good activity for color recognition, sorting by size, as well as learning the rainbow color order.

Decorating the Letter R with rainbow rice.  Here is my link if you are interested in how I made it.

Finally, rain cloud counting.  There are five clouds numbered 1 to 5 with enough cotton balls to count out  each number.

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Shannon said...

Don't feel bad we had to ban Bug from playdough as well. He wound up with a few bright green diapers. :) Popping in from Tot School, It's a Bugs Life.

Kristina said...

Haha Glad to know he's not the only one. Thanks for stopping by.

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