Friday, February 17, 2012

Nature Play in February

This time of year is hard.  While I try to do a good job getting the kids outside to play and explore.  It doesn't always happen, not only that but Ethan hates getting wet and will whine and cry the entire time,  So its not even fun.  Sometimes its nice to bring the outside inside.  Hannah especially enjoys doing activities like this no matter what the season.

This is our nature bucket.  Every time we are out and about and Hannah collects something to bring home it goes in the bucket.  She has sorts of things in their now.  Rocks, drift wood, shells, feathers, sand, and even little pieces of flowers.

When we need a reminder of what it is like outside, I bring it  out along with a tray.

Hannah likes to sort through and examine her treasures.

Such a serious girl sometimes.

Even Ethan can be persuaded to have a look.

Who doesn't like a falling feather.

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