Monday, February 27, 2012

Ramp Fun

Typically, at the beginning of the week I post about the up coming week and the activities I have prepared.  Since Andrew and I were gone for a couple of days we didn't finish all of our R activities last week.  This week we will finish off R and move onto S next week.  I wanted to share one of our favorite R activities from last week anyway.  We made a great big ramp out of a diaper box reinforced with a meter stick taped on the back side and then taped to the kitchen table. 

Hannah prepares to let the first ball go as Ethan looks on.

Ethan took one look and got up onto the table too.

Next. we brought out the bin of cars and random toys and watched them zip down the ramp.

Hannah cheers Ethan on.

Look at all the toys at the bottom.  The emptied and filled the bin 3 times before they were finished.

Next, Hannah thought it would be fun to decorate their ramp.

The next day they were at it again, this time pushing their jumbo blocks down the ramp.

This was a lot of fun, super easy to set up.  It is now in the garage waiting to be pulled out again.  The only problem I had was trying to convince Ethan it wasn't a slide.  Fortunately, he heeded my words and din't throw himself down the ramp.

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