Saturday, February 11, 2012

P Wrap-up

  We do a lot of playing around our house.  I love watching Hannah and Ethan interact with each other when they play.  Their conversations are becoming more involved, especially as Ethan's speech becomes more understandable.  Although,Hannah doesn't seem to mind. We did a lot of P is for playing the last two weeks.  Here are some of the other activities we did:

Play dough and pasta.  Ethan is trying his best  to pull out the play dough.

Adding the pasta to the play dough was a big hit.
They tried stringing the pasta onto spaghetti but it was a little to flimsy and broke quickly.

Hannah and Ethan played with the things in their letter box.
Hannah lined up all the animals.

Ethan liked opening and closing the purse, after filling it up.

We decorated our let P's with pink and purple paper.

Hannah liked lining up her paper squares too.  A bit of a theme I've noticed.
Peeking through the P 


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