Friday, February 10, 2012

When the Letter P went Bad

Recently, a friend shared with me an activity that she did with her son that didn't go quite how she planned.  
I thought I would follow suit with one of our P failures.  By failure I mean in my own eyes it was a failure.  The kids still enjoyed it.  But I regretted bring out the activity almost as soon as I put it on the table.  Without further ado I bring you: The puzzle senrory bin. 
It started out well, there was much scooping and playing.

Ethan attempted to use the tweezer thing to get pieces.

Hannah scooped and scooped.

Then a bowl of pieces were dumped on the table.
I attempted to squash the  desire to clean up and remain  even keeled.

They happily played, but with each piece that fell off the table I began to get more and more antsy.
I don't like that kind of mess.
I gave in and ignored the inner monologue, sat back and watched the ensuing chaos and decided instead to shoot a video.

1 comment:

JoeyPNut said...

Gah!!! I would have had a really hard time with that too. Good for you for allowing them to enjoy the freedom to play that way!

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