Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letter Q

I was at a bit of a loss for the letter Q.  It was hard to come up with/find ideas that I thought my kids would  enjoy.  I am happy with what I've put together and I looking forward to doing some activities with Hannah and Ethan. Here are my letter Q activities:

Q Letter Box: Quilt, Queen, Q-tips, Quarter, Letter Q and Q bean bag.

Making a Q quilt.
The squares are craft foam cut with crimpy scissors. (Source: Counting Coconuts)

Q Do a Dot Art (Source: Shannon's Tot School)

Play dough with the letter Q.
 Hannah and Ethan can make impressions with the foam Q's and cut outs with the cookie cutter.

I have a couple of activities planned for these q-tips.
We will use these for counting, making pictures, and finally for painting.(Source: Kiboomu, COAH,) 

I prepared this activity with some trepidation.  This will be for Hannah only.  The huge pins are for poking holes in the Q.  The picture does not do the size of the jumbo push pins justice, they are about the size of my thumb. (Source: COAH)

Tot School


Jenny K said...

Love your Q activities! The quilt blocks on the Q is a cool idea!

Another idea for the Q poking page that I read on COAH is a toothpick. That's what I'm going to try with my little guy when I get around to doing that type of activity.

Kristina said...

Toothpick, that's genius and a lot less worrisome.

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