Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Andrew, the kids, and I have had a wonderful weekend celebrating and reflecting on Jesus and His death and Resurrection.  Well mostly wonderful apart from the headache I have had all weekend. I have been driving Andrew and myself crazy and I haven't had any relief.  Never-the-less we have had a good time together as a family.  

Have a look:
Hannah and Ethan were super excited to move our marble to the last spot.

After we got home from church, they discovered that their Easter baskets had new bibles inside. (No not from the Easter bunny, from Mommy and Daddy).

Which of course they wanted to read right away.

Much to their surprise, Hannah and Ethan discovered treats from Gama and Papa.  Including some new spring jackets.  Aren't they cute!

Gama and Papa also hid eggs for them to find.

Most of the afternoon was spent playing.  My parents have a big back yard that Hannah and Ethan take full advantage of it when we visit.

My grandma spent quite a bit of time with Ethan, while he played in the sand box.  

Of course all three cousins wanted to ride bikes.

Our course we had a yummy dinner including the apple pies my Grandma brought.

Just before it was time to go we changed the kids into their pajamas so that if they fell asleep on the way home (Ethan did) we could throw them into their beds easily.

They ran the last of their energy out on the front lawn.
Being chased.

Hannah giving Ben a kiss.

She left poor Ben so abruptly he fell over.

Helping him back up.

A few last smiles before we left.

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