Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 27- Letter W

Reading and Language Arts:
This week was W week.  Hannah and Ethan had different ideas about how they would like to color their letter page.  Ethan chose to double fist dot markers.  Hannah wanted to paint her page with green and red paint.

They also sorted spoons onto the alphabet.  Each clear spoon has a letter on it and they needed to match it to the letters on the strips of paper.

They both enjoy these kids of activities.  They raced to see who could match their spoons fastest.

Big Sarah's Little Boots was our book or the week.  It's a cute story about a girl who is growing out of her favorite yellow rain boots.

Hannah and Ethan both enjoyed it and took their first opportunity to do the same as Sarah in the book and go out in their boots and rain clothes.

We played around with a homemade weight scale.  I rigged it with one of the kids rainbow pieces, two matching dishes, and a piece of wood.  The dishes are sticky tacked to the wood so that they don't fall off.  The wood piece sits onto of the rainbow piece.

Adding more bears to see if she can make her side the same as Ethan's.

We discovered that 2 balls that we thought would be the same were not.  I did "Zero" the balance before the balls were placed in cups.  We measured a few times and alternated cups.  One is just heavier than the other.

Watermelon seed counting.  This was from last year.  I pulled it out and they enjoyed it again.

We made a color wheel using m&m's and water. (We followed the instructions here at Mama Jenn's)

Here they are right after adding the water.

Only the purple turned out a little weird and mostly that was from over mixing.

Gag, they just needed to drink it.

We also pulled out our cloud viewers to look at clouds.

Wax Paper Resist
Hannah and Ethan both had a piece of paper with a piece of waxed paper taped over top.

Using a toothpick, they each drew lines and squiggles all over the page.

Finally, they painted over their sheet of paper with watercolors (wax paper removed) and the waxy lines showed through.

 Faith Formation: 
The purpose of our lesson this week was to learn to express our appreciation and happiness for God's love, friendship, gift of life, and natural gifts.  To help Hannah and Ethan see that they are created by God uniquely.

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