Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Bird Sanctuary

Andrew's parents were out for Hannah's birthday and while they were here we were able to visit the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  It was SO neat.  I`ve never been there  (which is surprising since I have lived here my whole life, I would have thought at least an elementary school field trip would have brought me there already.)  Even without all the birds it`s a beautiful place to walk.
This is how we were greeted in the parking.  Hannah was less than impressed and was really quiet scared at first.

After we made our way through the entrance of the park we got to see this lovely Sandhill Crane.

I was even able to get him to eat out of my hand.  Despite how pointy his beak looks it did not hurt.

Here is Andrew giving it a try.

We walked along the paths and to either side of us is water.

American Coot

Wood Ducks (male and female)

I think this is a Golden Crowned Sparrow but it's just a guess based on the posters.

Red-Winged Blackbird

Looking out at the wetlands!

Hannah preferred to be up high away from the ducks that follow you around the park.

Ethan took the occasional break.

Andrew and I

Andrew`s parents.

Hannah and Ethan awkwardly posing for me.

Andrew put seed on Ethan`s shoe so that the ducks would eat off of it.

Feeding the ducks.

Eventually Hannah warmed up and let the ducks eat off her elbow.  That mean old Canadian Goose behind Hannah was obnoxious.

Off my shoe.

They figured out quickly who held the bag of seed.

I love this picture.  Hannah and Ethan swarmed by ducks.

At one point there were ducks under the stroller.

I would love to go back in a couple of weeks when all those ducks have little ducklings following them around.

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