Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and I thought several times that we should be celebrating Hannah's birthday.  You see Hannah was born on Palm Sunday and even though her birthday date doesn't change the day we celebrate Palm Sunday changes every year along with Easter. We will have to have an extra special birthday when her birth date and Palm Sunday line up.

My Palm Sunday baby.

We had fun yesterday putting together our Easter garden.  As we did last year our Easter garden has 3 crosses (Jesus death on the cross), the tomb (His burial and Resurrection , candles (He is the light of the world), a path of rocks to the cross (representing the journey to the cross), as well as the sprouts we planted to represent new life.  

This is a very simple but tangible activity for Hannah and Ethan to "see" and "touch"  the events that lead up to Jesus dying on the cross and the burial in the tomb and the resurrection to life.

While the sprouts have not started growing yet, they should up by Sunday.  
Here is the links to the garden we made last year, and the year before that:

We talked about Jesus and his triumphant entry into Jerusalem and made some palm branches.  Andrew read one of our story books that covers all the events of Holy week.

I am aware that our "palm branches" look nothing like the real thing, but my smallest critics loved them.

Here is a quick look into what they did with them:

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