Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 21- Letter S

Week 21- Letter S

Language Arts and Reading: 
 This week was the letter S and Hannah and Ethan both enjoyed dotting their picture of a Skunk.  We were "suppose" to paint it and use white paint to make a skunk stripe.  But dot markers are so much more fun.
Our book this week is "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss.  This is a super simple book about a boy who tenderly cares for a carrot seed he planted while everyone tells him nothing is going to grow.  Even in it's simplicity (or maybe because of it) it is a sweet and lovely book.

What could be sweeter than my two sweeties reading it together.

Math: Squares
We learned all about squares.  
Hannah and Ethan are both well aware of what a square is, so we focused on how a square is similar and different from a rectangle.

We also spent some time figuring out how to make a square from other shapes.

Afterwards, Hannah and Ethan sponge painted a square painting.  Well Ethan did that, Hannah's was a little more abstract. hehehehe

The plan had been to do some activities on sunshine.  Well it rained ALL last week so we scrapped that idea, and instead did an experiment on making rain.
Rain, lots and lots of rain.
This was very simple and did a good job of explaining the process at a level Hannah and Ethan could understand.  We filled the vase with boiling water and covered it was a plate.  Finally, we covered the plate with ice. The steam from the hot water rises and condenses when it hits the cold plate and then falls as precipitation  (We followed the instructions over at I Can Teach My Child).  This did work and the kids enjoyed it, it didn't "rain" so much as dripped though.  I think that was mostly due to my vase.  I need to try it again with a jar to me sure.
Faith Foundations:
This lesson focus was very similar to last week except instead of the sense of touch we were looking at the sense of smell.  To be thankful and appreciative of their sense of smell.  To know that this sense is a gift from God who created us.  As well as to be aware that our sense of smell can help us sense danger.
I put our several different things for Hannah and Than to smell.  Hannah liked the smell of the flower the best and Ethan pointed to the banana.
I lit a candle and then blew it out so they could smell the smoke.  I was impressed that Ethan and Hannah both knew what to do if they smelled smoke.
We made sock puppets this week.  They helped design their individual puppets.  Hannah's puppet has the long pink hair with big googly eyes and NO tongue.  She was adamant about that detail.  Ethan's puppet on the other hand, has short red hair with very small eyes, and of course a big red tongue.  Here is Ethan wearing both because Hannah will not put hers on.
Hannah and Ethan made sun pictures.  The plastic forks are used to make the sun beams.

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