Monday, March 18, 2013

The Beach- The Big White Rock

Last weekend (yeah I know I'm a little slow), we went to the beach for the day to enjoy the beautiful and unusually nice weather.  

Hannah and Ethan enjoyed throwing rocks and sticks into the water.  I enjoyed listening to the sounds of the waves.  Nothing is more relaxing the the sound of waves crashing.

This is Hannah's new "cheese" pose. The beach is covered in drift wood and it was fun to see what Hannah and Ethan would do with it.  Ethan was determined to get that piece into the water.

Andrew and Hannah making a sandcastle.  Meanwhile, Ethan and I took up camp on our blanket.

This is the big white rock.  Hannah desperately wanted Andrew to take her up there.

She got her wish.  Andrew piggy backed her up there.  I thought she might die in the process.  Thankfully for Andrew, she did not.
Coming back down.

Hugging my girl, safe on the ground.

Ethan wanted to go too, but he had to be content to just touching the rock.

Playing the drums and playing with cars.

Climbing the drift wood pile.

Cuddles before we left.

Look what I spotted!

A view of the pier.

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