Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 24- Letter U

Letter U Week

Language Arts and Reading:

The both really wanted to use watercolor paints (with water in a bowl according to Hannah).  Ethan managed to cover his U picture almost entirely in a grey sopping mess and Hannah attempted to use as many colors as possible.

Making the letter U.
This week we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?  by Eric Carle.  This brings me back to my days teaching in Korea.  This was always a class favorite.  I even used it as for the speech competition one year because it is so easy to memorize.  As I type this, I have flown back in my memory to Korea and it occurs to me that Ethan is now as old as some of my youngest students.  My own kids didn't disappoint and loved it too.  We've read it many times before and they always enjoy it.  


The last couple of weeks we have been learning about circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.  Well this week we looked at geometric figures and how they related to our previously learned shapes.

Then they played with the solids with bowls of water.  Hannah did lots of filling, measuring, and pouring.  Ethan did a lot of drinking!

We did a walking water experiment that was easy and a lot of fun.  We put purple water in the higher glass with a paper towel strip draped from the higher glass to the lower empty glass.  The colored water is absorbed by the paper towel and is sucked up and then "walks" to the other glass.  I drew the line because Hannah and Ethan were having a hard time actually noticing that the water was moving, they needed something for the water to reach.

Hannah and Ethan checked on our experiment often to see how much water was in the lower glass.  

Hannah and Ethan made an umbrella mobile.  We used to half circles that they each decorated with the dot markers.

Later after it dried, we put it all together.

Hannah gazing up.

 Just for Fun:
Hannah and Ethan threw balls into an upside down umbrella.

Cheering for a shot made!!

Ethan sorted bears by color, and Hannah sorted bears by size.

 Matching umbrella puzzles.(from COAH)  
This was leftover from last year.  The both thought it was still fun.

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