Friday, March 8, 2013


I have a camera that I keep upstairs.  It's a little fritzy at times.  But we bought in Korea and therefore am sentimentally attached to it.  Since I keep it upstairs I end up with some very random pictures that I often have forgotten about by the time I get around to emptying the card inside it.  Have a look look at what has been sitting around for the last couple of months:

Hehehehe These are Ethan's basket pictures that I took in December (2.5 years).  I took them right after he fell and got another bruise.

Sibling hangout time.

Hannah and Ethan have a new favorite game.  They pretend that Ethan bedroom closet is a house and they can spend a lot of time "setting" it up.

Who doesn't like a sleeping child picture.  You can tell these are old because he still had a soother.  Although it's pretty obvious he wasn't using it.  Hannah climbing to her death in her sleep.

This is how Hannah spends most rest time in the afternoon, hard at work at her little desk making stuff.

Reading before bed,

Same jammies different night.  I have no idea what prompted her to put a diaper on over her jammies.  She is such a turkey sometimes.

Hannah spend one afternoon making a clothes line and hanging clothes off of it.  

These pictures require a little explanation.  First, Ethan has finally decided that we would like to learn how to take on and off his clothes all by himself.  Let`s just say his sister`s clothes are easier to put on.

Here they are pretending to have swimming lessons.  The dresses are bathing suits and the blanket is the pool.

Hannah was in dire need of a cuddle one night.  Andrew "reluctantly" agreed. :D

I love the random moments.

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