Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 22/23- Letter T

Week 22/23- Letter T

Language Arts and Reading:
Each week (most weeks), I change out the poster on the fridge with the poster with the letter we are currently on.  In never ceases to amaze me how excited Hannah and Ethan are to discover the next poster.

Our T activity page had Ethan and Hannah making fingerprint flies for the toad.

I don't know what to say about this picture other than I love her.

Hannah and Ethan made masking tape paintings.

  In the first picture, they are putting on the tape pieces.  Then using water colors they painted until their boards we covered.

Hannah loved to be very deliberate with her colors.  But the best part was taking off the tape.

All done!  They are pretty proud of their masterpieces.  I think they turned out great.

We looked at different types of triangles.

Then using our velcro popsicle sticks they made their own triangles.

Hannah was very excited to discover that she could make a diamond with two of the triangles.

Lastly, they made a triangle collage from the triangles they collected around the house on a triangle hunt.

Faith Formation:  
This week we finished up the section we have been working on the last couple of weeks on appreciating the senses God has given us.  This final week was on taste.

We did a couple of different things, explored the different tastes (sweet, sour, salty etc).
I love this picture of Hannah tasting the lemon juice.

Learned how to make apple sauce.  Then tasted apple sauce with and without cinnamon to decide which is better; cinnamon won.

And of course we did a flannel board story.  Their absolute favorite part.

This didn't go as planned and so I improvised.  I wanted to got for a walk and do tree bark rubbings outside.  But it was too wet all week.  I finally decided to bring some wood inside and do it that way.  

Just for Fun:
Matching triangles.

Tea Party
A table for three.  
Hannah and Ethan couldn't believe I let them each have their own cup (real) with tea.  The both like tea and often hound me when I have my own.

Ethan was quite concerned that I might serve him tea that was too hot.  Hannah said we needed to have a tea party again.  They were very careful and did a great job not spilling the tea.

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Charlotte said...

Did you serve them real tea????

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