Thursday, December 5, 2013

Preschool Week 13

Preschool Week 13

Bible: Our story was about Joshua and the battle of Jericho called "The Warrior Leader" from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Hannah and Ethan made their own horns so they could pretend to march around Jericho.

Putting her horn together.

Making as much noise as he could.

The chair was our mock Jericho and they marched very noisily around it until Mommy thought she might fall.

(Jesus Storybook Bible )

Reading:  We starting reading our Christmas and Advent books this week.

(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  Working on the letter L

Making lowercase l.

Practicing letter formation.

Coloring her leaf picture.

Ethan looking for the l pictures to glue down.

Hannah finished very quickly so I asked her to flip her paper over and draw a picture of her favorite L word.  Turns out her favorite L word is "lick".  Silly girl.

 (AAR pre-1)

Math:  Using our bears Hannah and Ethan practiced some sorting.

Hannah and Ethan also did a variety of number recognition and writing activities this week.

Hannah is practicing writing the numbers 1-4.  Ethan used pattern blocks to make the number 2.

They both gave writing in a salt tray a try.  They practiced a few numbers and then switched to drawing pictures in the salt.  It was too messy to use in a shallow tray next time I will use a pencil box or something deeper.

(Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art:  Chalk Art.

Hannah and Ethan made some beautiful pictures using colorful chalk.  I showed them how to smudge the chalk for a blurry effect.  Hannah LOVED this activity especially the smudging.  Ethan really liked using the chalk but didn't want to get his fingers all messy.

Just For Fun: Random activities of their choice.


Always Painting

Playing with marbles.  Hannah experiment with balancing the marbles on the wiffle ball as well as measuring them out in cups.  Ethan enjoyed making pictures of the suction cup mat.

Ethan of his own volition wanted to make circles. I was very surprised he suggested this as it is not typically his cup of tea.  He made circle after circle after circle.

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